Senior Management Changes Across the Group

Hanis Koh
General Manager
JJ-Lapp, Singapore

The Group congratulates Hanis Koh on her new role as General Manager for JJ-LAPP in Singapore.

Hanis joined JJ-LAPP in April 2016 as our Regional Marketing Manager. Leveraging her background in IT solutions and marketing operations, she has been working closely with the regional team as well as country leaders for strategy formulation.

Hanis started her professional career as a consultant in a US-based software company. She then joined a UK FTSE 100 company as Asia Pacific Head of Applications and Solutions. In 2011, she made a career switch into marketing and served as a core member of the company’s Asia Pacific Management Team.

Lim Su Kang
Regional Head – Business Operations
JJ-LAPP, Singapore

The Group congratulates Lim Su Kang on his appointment as the Regional Head of Business Operations. Su Kang joined JJ-LAPP in February 2018 as Regional Customer Experience Manager. He has since been working closely with regional management and country leaders, customer service and sales teams, as well as various LAPP organisations to streamline and automate our intra- and inter-company processes.

Prior to joining JJ-LAPP, Su Kang led a global team of over 100 software engineers at HPE, providing professional solutions and technical support to enterprise customers.

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