Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Capabilities

We want to help you become even more productive and successful. This is why we work tirelessly on optimising our processes. We do not simply distribute cable technology, we also manufacture the products ourselves – which represents another advantage for you.

As a manufacturer with 18 of our own production sites with ultra-modern logistics facilities, you will benefit from our expertise in the development, design and manufacture of cables, system products and cable accessories.

Manufacturer with System Expertise

As an experienced expert in cable systems assemblies, LAPP Group is ready with an extensive product range and a broad scope of services, from basic assembles (cutting, shrinking, crimping, stripping) and servo assemblies through a wide range of cable track assembly. Our products come together to make a total solution.


With our extensive global footprint: over 100 international outlets, 41 sales companies and 18 production sites.

We will be with you where you need us as quickly as possible. So you can keep in touch – and we can meet your business needs.

Catalogues and Flyers

Download our current catalogues and brochures in PDF format.