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The world is in flux. Global megatrends such as digitalisation and automation are changing society – and therefore intralogistics. The connected world is smaller, the paths are shorter. New spaces for innovation are being created. Global networking poses particular challenges for the economy, which must be met with new opportunities and the search for future-oriented solutions. The potential of digitalisation and automation in the field of intralogistics obviously offers huge opportunities.

Optimum networking of the warehouses is key here. For this purpose, companies have to use a variety of cabling technologies to connect the required machines and systems. The basic requirements for cables and lines for material transportation include flexibility in frequently recurring, continuous movements in tight spaces, durability and reliability in harsh conditions such as dirt, moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures, flames, oils and sunlight (UV) in the industrial environment – and ultimately a high bandwidth in digitalised warehouse operations.

Intralogistics Can Be Divided Into Three Sub-Areas

Warehouse logistics includes the receipt of goods, handling and transport, storage and organisation, commissioning and packaging within the warehouse.

Good warehouse logistics therefore dominates all strategies, procedures and organisational instruments to safeguard a smooth running of warehouse operations, including inventory management, supply chain management, cost control, human resources, risk management and safety.

Optimum coordination through intralogistics automation creates enormous potential: increased efficiency, cost savings, improved safety, reduced error rates and optimised material flow control.

LAPP enables the best possible networking of the warehouse, e.g., using ready-to-connect cable sets to reduce handling, minimise errors and save time during assembly. We also offer a wide product portfolio for all common protocol standards such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and ASI.

Production logistics deals with the handling and transport of materials and products within production, thereby achieving a smooth and optimal flow of goods from the raw material warehouse through production to the finished product.

The aim is to shorten the production lead time from the creation of the order to the completion of the product. In this case, as well, technological developments such as Industry 4.0 are shaping the growing tasks, including the demand for customised production tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Only a networked, automated production logistics system can handle this task – especially as the requirements also include just-in-sequence delivery or single-batch production.

LAPP specialises in individual requirements and offers an extensive selection of customer-specific cables, from industry-standard servo assemblies to complex cable chain solutions.

We are at your side, from development and construction to customer-specific in-house tests, delivery or on-site installation – for small batch sizes or serial production.

Field logistics refers to the handling and transport of materials and products outside the warehouse or production, e.g., at a port, when goods containers are lifted by cranes from ships and moved by trucks or other specialised vehicles for their further transport.

Field logistics manages the movement of products to an application site, e.g., for services at an external site, as well as returns, e.g., for repairs or storage.

The best possible overview of goods flows, their locations and availability is essential, especially outside of own warehouses.

Here, too, digitalisation and automation, supported by innovative LAPP expertise, are opening up new potential that will ensure more efficient processes, increased safety and perfectly coordinated material flow, and thus the satisfaction of our customers


The applications include complex challenges in the age of digitalisation, which open up plenty of space for innovation and thus pioneering solutions. The areas of application are varied and numerous, and the respective benefits are immense. LAPP sees itself as a pioneer of future-oriented developments and therefore enables optimum intralogistics processes in many areas.

Cranes and hoists move and transport heavy loads in intralogistics and other areas. Cranes are used for particularly challenging loads, often in construction sites, ports, factories, warehouses, ships and other industrial environments. Hoists have been specially developed for vertical lifting of loads and are used, for example, in workshops, in maintenance areas and during assembly work. For example, LAPP offers flexible and robust cable chain systems that protect cables and ensure a safe energy supply, even under the extreme conditions in cranes and hoists with a lot of movement, vibrations and other environmental influences. LAPP’s cables and connectors are resistant to oils, chemicals and UV radiation, among other things. Safety, which is so important in intralogistics, is provided by LAPP in the form of cables that feature flame resistance, smoke formation and low emissions. In addition, data cables and industrial Ethernet solutions from LAPP ensure reliable and fast data transmissions for controlling modern cranes and hoists equipped with sensors, control systems and IoT technologies.

Conveyors are mechanical systems used to transport materials, products or goods from one place to another. Their areas of application are diverse, but the aim is the same: optimising the material flow and increasing the efficiency of production and logistics processes. LAPP enables reliable and safe energy and data transmission for numerous types of conveyors – from belt conveyors and roller conveyors to worm conveyors and chain conveyors and many more – with innovative connection solutions.

This means that LAPP cable chain systems ensure a safe energy supply, as they protect cables and wires, even under movement and load. In the often harsh environments, the demands on the quality of the products are high. Different materials are used here that are suitable for the special application cases, e.g., for warehouses in the food and beverage sector, which require flexibility at cold temperatures. Fast and error-free data transmission is possible with data cables and industrial Ethernet solutions from LAPP in modern conveyor systems with sensors and control systems that optimise the material flow and monitor operation.

Trucks and forklifts are used in the logistics and material flow industry for transporting goods and materials. Trucks move goods of various sizes and configurations over short and long distances in road transport. Forklifts are industrial vehicles used to lift and move heavy loads in warehouses, production facilities, ports and other environments. LAPP supports various applications of trucks and forklifts with forward-looking solutions that guarantee reliable and safe energy and data transmission. Cable chain systems protect the cable and lines under the most adverse conditions of movement and vibration. These cables and connectors, in turn, are robust and resistant to pollution, moisture, vibration and chemical influences. Modern trucks and forklifts with sensors, control systems and IoT technologies benefit from LAPP data cables and industrial Ethernet solutions that enable reliable and fast data transmission.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and navigation technologies that can perform tasks independently without human intervention. They are aware of their surroundings, can orient themselves and make intelligent decisions. AMRs are used in warehouses and distribution centres to transport goods, fill shelves, transport products for commissioning and packaging and optimise material handling. In order to implement all their advantages, they rely on reliable power and data transmission, which LAPP secures with cable chain systems as well as robust and, above all, flexible cables that do not interfere with the freedom of movement of the robots. LAPP develops connection solutions that support the freedom of movement and flexibility of the AMRs and guarantee reliable performance even during continuous movement. Tested connection solutions from LAPP, developed together with the customers, therefore enable the reliable and efficient use of AMRs – and thus of the entire logistics system.

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) automate the process of storing and removing goods in a warehouse or distribution centre. These automated storage systems use robotics, automatic conveyor and shelf-operating devices to make the material flow more efficient. The benefits are numerous: ASRS use the available storage space more efficiently than manual storage systems and enable a higher storage density, reduce labour costs thanks to automated storage and outsourcing, ensure faster material flow, thereby increasing operational efficiency, and avoid human errors. Connection solutions from LAPP open up this potential in various ASRS areas. A continuous power supply is guaranteed by cable chain systems and flexible cables for the optimum freedom of movement of the automated conveyor and shelf-operating devices, enabling ASRS to perform their automated functions reliably. This also applies to secure data communication in order to accurately control the storage and removal operations. Here, LAPP offers the right robust data cable and industrial Ethernet solutions. The cables and connectors also withstand external influences in an industrial environment.

Robotic systems consist of robots, sensors, control technologies and other components and are used in various industries and applications to automate work processes, increase efficiency, and enhance precision and safety. In the area of intralogistics, robots are used in warehouses and distribution centres to transport, stack, pack and sort goods. Connection solutions from LAPP enable reliable and safe energy and data transmission with cable chain systems and flexible cables that meet the high requirements in terms of the freedom of movement of the robots and are also resistant to the demanding environment of the robots with dirt, moisture, vibrations and chemical influences. The safe data communication of robotic systems between the sensors, control systems and the robots themselves makes data cables and industrial Ethernet solutions possible. Special LAPP products such as the ETHERLINE® ROBOT PN are also available for the requirements that occur here, such as frequent alternating bending or torsion.

Automatic small parts storage was developed for the automated storage and provision of small parts and articles in a production or warehouse environment. The specialised storage systems use robotics, automatic shelf-operating devices, AMRs/shuttles and conveyor belts to efficiently store and remove small parts and optimise access to the required articles. The automatic shelf-operating devices travel along the shelf rows and carry out the storage and removal operations, while robots or automatic conveyor belts transport the articles between the storage units and workstations. For these specific requirements, the storage systems rely on connection solutions such as those developed by LAPP: reliable and robust for a stable power supply and data transmission. The automated devices and robots in automatic small parts storages can accurately control storage and transport operations thanks to safe data connection. LAPP offers data cables and industrial Ethernet solutions that enable fast and error-free data transmission.

Advantages of Our Intralogistics Solutions

Experience the transformative impact of our intralogistics solutions, meticulously designed to enhance your business operations. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled expertise, we provide unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness in managing your internal logistics. From optimizing material handling processes to streamlining warehouse operations, our solutions are tailored to meet your unique requirements and drive sustainable growth.

Embrace scalability and adaptability with our intralogistics solutions, crafted to accommodate businesses of all sizes and stages. Whether you’re a growing company or an established industry leader, our flexible approach ensures that our solutions evolve alongside your business, effortlessly adjusting to changing demands and market dynamics. With our steadfast dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, trust us to optimize your internal logistics and position your business for enduring success in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline internal processes for optimal performance.

Cost Savings

Reduce operational expenses through streamlined logistics.


Solutions tailored to grow with your business.

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Ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment for happy customers.

Intralogistics Key Statistics
Efficiency Boost

The integration of advanced intralogistics solutions yields significant efficiency improvements, enhancing overall operational productivity within warehouses and distribution centers.

Cost Savings

Optimizing intralogistics processes presents an opportunity for businesses to realize substantial cost reductions, resulting in decreased labor expenses, minimized inventory carrying costs, and mitigated operational inefficiencies.

Enhanced Accuracy

Automated and efficient warehouses are 76% more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99% or higher, ensuring better inventory management and reducing the risk of stockouts or overstock situations.

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