Industrial Connectors

Boost automation with robust connectors.
EPIC® – Robust Industry Connectors

You will find EPIC® rectangular or circular connectors in any machine and plant engineering or drive technology application used for measuring, control, regulation or drive. It is a flexible system consisting of casings, inserts, contacts and accessories which is perfectly suited to any requirement.

Connecting, Distributing, Networking

Growth in automation in industry is impossible without intelligent networking of production facilities. The increased connectivity between industrial devices, machines, controls and the Internet enables data to be read, industrial plants to be better monitored and products to be produced in a more effective and customer-oriented manner.

In order to drive forward the digitalisation of production processes, the individual components of a production environment need to communicate with one another and with information systems. A high-performance and fail-safe data exchange is essential for this.

In addition to copper-based data cables or optical fibre optic cables, the construction of solid network structures also requires a whole host of “accessories”. On our sub-pages, you will find indispensable components for many areas of industrial communication.

Various Applications For Industrial Communication
Sensor/actuator & fieldbus distribution

Fast, Industrial Field Cabling
Passive distribution components connect several sensors and actuators to the control system at the same time. The distribution boxes are used for structured wiring and signal distribution within sensor/actuator or fieldbus applications.

Ethernet distribution

Reliable communication between Ethernet network participants
Active distribution components such as switches, routers and firewalls ensure fail-safe data communication within an Ethernet-based network, for example in automation technology.

Monitoring solutions

Reliable monitoring with predictive maintenance systems
The ETHERLINE® GUARD stationary monitoring device displays the status of the connected Ethernet cable at all times. This means that unplanned plant downtimes can be reduced to a minimum, especially in moving and functionally critical applications.

Fibre optic cable distribution

Splice boxes and top-hat rail adapters for maximum simplification and time savings
Splice boxes and top-hat rail adapters for maximum simplification and time savings
With the passive distribution components, quickly and easily connect glass fibres by splicing or connecting. The splice boxes and top-hat rail adapters for the control cabinet are used for cabling buildings and data centres as well as in PROFINET networks.

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