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Cable and wires for mechanical and plant engineering have formed the cornerstone of our company from the very beginning. Our wide product range offers suitable solutions for all requirements in mechanical and plant engineering. There is unlikely to be an industrial application for which we have not already developed a solution.

A look into a modern factory reveals change: robots define the picture – when handling parts, welding, cutting and screwing. Automated guided vehicles move stoically along their routes as if by magic. Everything is finely coordinated and meticulously planned. In such an environment, even the smallest of components must function with the greatest reliability. This is because even a brief component failure disrupts the process, causing time and resources to be wasted. The robust design of all JJ-LAPP components reduces the risk of failure in a targeted manner.

As your partner for high-performance, efficient, reliable and innovative solutions in the field of cable technology for mechanical engineering, we are playing our part in maintaining the reliability of “Made in Germany”. With special solutions for various industries and a high level of expertise in automation technology, the food industry and railway technology.

Requirements for cabling solutions in robotics applications
  • Extreme bending and rotational movements
  • Highest levels of flexibility, stability and durability
  • Limited space available for cabling
  • Individual assemblies
  • Fast delivery of important replacement parts
  • Versatile cable systems – every robot type features different motion sequences
  • Hazard: Failure of just one component can risk bringing the entire production line to a standstill, causing losses running into the millions.
Machine Maker
Building Tomorrow, Connecting Innovation: Elevating Machine Makers with Advanced Cabling Solutions.

Empowering precision, efficiency, and reliability in every mechanism, our cables form the backbone of your engineering vision. With a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from assembly lines to advanced automation, we are dedicated to optimizing your operations. Whether you’re constructing cutting-edge machinery or complex industrial systems, you can rely on us to provide the essential connectivity and support needed to bring your projects to life.

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