LAPP Asia Pacific Partners Tosibox to Strengthen Industrial Communication Solutions

Cementing its dedication to be a comprehensive connectivity solution provider in the Industrial Communication segment, LAPP Asia Pacific is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Tosibox to deliver a ubiquitous value for remote data access, secure monitoring and control.

This cooperation with Tosibox being the world’s purpose-designed OT networking standard, is set to accelerate the development of a new industrial infrastructure for digital ecosystems.

Digital ecosystems and connectivity

The fourth industrial revolution has radically transformed our economies and the way we work. With data as the main raw material, companies are looking to take full advantage of the new opportunities it has to offer, alongside the emergence of a vast and rapidly expanding network of smart machines. However, cybersecurity remains a key concern as data breaches threaten to cripple entire factory operations and even industrial networks. Tosibox provides a simple and scalable way to build a secure digital access infrastructure.

Tosibox holds a globally patented technology for automating remote connectivity and OT networking to devices connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) The unique collaboration will empower both partners to better protect customer networks from potential threats. The joint solutions will provide customers with a homogenous overview of the technologies available to future-proof any digital platforms.

A Truly Strategic Partnership

LAPP’s wide portfolio of industrial communication and cabling solutions together with the wide network of sales offices across Asia Pacific provides industrial communication solutions to thousands of customers across Asia Pacific. Supported by UNITRONIC®, ETHERLINE®, EPIC® and HITRONIC® brands, LAPP empowers our customers with the access to AS-i, Fieldbus, Ethernet, data connectors and fiber optics technologies.

“We look forward to deliver more ground breaking Industrial Communication solutions for customers across Asia”, says Kevin Song, APAC CSO, LAPP Asia Pacific.

Similarly, Tosibox believes it has much to gain from LAPP’s expertise in the industrial automation and communication, as well as its strong regional presence in Asia, to help it reach engineers and technical users in markets where it is not represented.

“We believe that this partnership will make Tosibox products accessible to markets which previously may have not been exposed or be able to obtain the technology. Fitting like a glove into the range of solutions within LAPP’s existing product portfolio, Tosibox products remove the boundaries for inter-connectivity without the complexity”, says Mark Dilchert, Asia Pacific VP, Tosibox.

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