Harnessing the Tropical Sun

JJ-LAPP is becoming a major supplier of renewable energy solutions in the region.

With global interest in renewable energy growing, JJ-LAPP is pursuing growth in this sector by partnering with solar equipment providers to provide a complete range of products and solutions. We are also intensifying our market outreach efforts.

In Thailand, we organised a customer seminar that gave attendees not only valuable information but also a hands-on experience with our partners’ products. In Singapore, we showcased our photovoltaic connectivity solutions through a sustainable solar safety workshop for General Electric Renewable Energy, and, in Indonesia, we shared our expertise by speaking at an event organised by Surya Utama Nuansa, a key customer in the local renewable energy industry.

“Solar energy is gaining traction as one of the most promising renewable energy sources to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy payback. There is plenty of ‘head-room’ in solar for growth, where we can influence our solutions in the design phase,” said Hanis Koh, General Manager of JJ-LAPP in Singapore.

Catalogues and Flyers

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