Sensing the Future

SICK Sensor Intelligence is now available to JJ-LAPP’s customers in Thailand.

Since January 1, 2019, JJ-LAPP in Thailand has been appointed as an official System Integrator Partner of SICK Sensors, one of the world’s top sensor brands.

In today’s world, factories have significantly increased their output through automation and achieved higher productivity through the use of more and faster machines. Consequently, raw material and work-in-progress material need to be transported to and from the various machines at an ever-faster rate. This trend is expected to continue with even faster production speeds, more automation, and greater customisation.

Managing this increasingly complex process requires reliable data from the manufacturing floor – data provided by sensors. Sensors also allow for higher production quality through visual inspection via high-definition or infrared cameras.

Given that we are already one of the top two importers of high-flexible cables, dynamic application is a key part of our know-how. Strategically, it is important that we leverage this core capability. Partnering a sensor brand would immediately strengthen our value proposition in this area.

(From left) Team representatives Viroon Paoumnartrit, Application Sales Engineer from SICK Sensors and Thanyarat Leelarat, Assistant Sales Manager from JJ-LAPP in Thailand will work closely together to better serve customers in Thailand.

Building New Bridges

“The collaboration between SICK Sensors and JJ-LAPP in Thailand will bring better quality products and safer factories to the Thai manufacturing industry. We are confident that the combination of our sizeable customer base and thier powerful solutions will produce great outcomes.” said Thomas Hubschman, General Manager, JJ-LAPP, Thailand.

Looking to the future, SICK Sensors’ increasing focus on services, particularly safety services, offers exciting prospects for us.

With the industry trending towards greater interaction between workers and machines, the global standard safety services that SICK Sensors provides may help prevent accidents.

We are now bringing these services, which include safety issue identification as well as safety design, implementation and certification, to our customers so that they can create better quality products in even safer factories.

Catalogues and Flyers

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