The next generation of Ethernet is changing the face of industrial data transmission

Ethernet has been a well-used communication tool in buildings and offices ever since it was first introduced in the 1970s. As a wired local area network (LAN) cable, Ethernet has traditionally offered the highest speed and stability in copper-based data transmission.

However, the modern demands of data transmission via industrial cabling require more than just high speeds. The next generation of Ethernet is revolutionising data transmission in an industrial environment.

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), the advantages offered by a truly integrated data network have become apparent. What has also becme clear is that IT systems in building and office networks need to merge with industrial machine networks in order to realise the greatest benefits. Traditional Ethernet systems were not resilient to the challenges of an industrial environment, hence they had to be reimagined for a more challenging application.

Today, our industrial Ethernet cables go beyond the normal range of expectations. Developed to adhere to all secondary and tertiary safety standards, industrial Ethernet cables can be used throughout harsh industrial environments, whether dry or damp, and are resilient to electromagnetic interference and even flames. Transmission rates have also vastly improved, meaning that speeds of up to 10,000 Mbit/s (Gigabit Ethernet) can be achieved.

The use cases for industrial Ethernet cabling are varied: from the field and control level to the corporate management level. Offering seamless network infrastructure in real-time, industrial Ethernet also offers a very large network address space, which can easily be expanded and segmented. Ethernet can facilitate the transmission of large amounts of data at speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s across virtually unlimited address spaces.

We are not just talking about wired networks here – the new generation of Ethernet can transmit to complex, intelligent wireless networks, broadening the possibilities of communication further than ever before.

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