CONNECTING products and services to deliver maximum benefit to your business

At JJ-LAPP, together with our joint venture partner LAPP, we are innovators in building the future of cabling. This mission has driven us to adapt and shape our business around a combined vision of product and service delivery, which we call ÖLFLEX® CONNECT.

As our customers’ system requirements keep growing in complexity, we realised that they would need an expert provider to guide them in the sourcing, delivery, installation, and maintenance of their products. ÖLFLEX® CONNECT was created to serve this need, and now offers an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum customer benefit.

In the past, you may have needed to source components from several different suppliers and use internal resources to project manage the assembly and installation of each new cable system. As systems increase in complexity, that process becomes more and more onerous, draining focus from your organisation.

ÖLFLEX® CONNECT brings all the individual elements of planning and implementing a new system together – treating your entire application as one cohesive project and thereby reducing noise, outlays, and potential for inconsistency. Our customers also find this ‘One Stop Shop’ solution to save them money, by increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

We offer many customisable ‘Plug and Play’ cable assembly solutions, which can be tailored to your exact business case. If your requirements are more complicated, we can partner with you to create a solution, even customizing components. Our approach is to provide consistent support that anticipates the changing needs of your business.

Whether your project is a one-off or part of a wider transformation, we will facilitate delivery and implementation, offering value-added services to ensure the project does not lose momentum.

All of this, coupled with our engineers’ extensive knowledge of cabling technology, makes ÖLFLEX® CONNECT the only source you need to deliver the most streamlined, efficient, and innovative connection solution for your business.