Power & Control Cables

Power & Control Cables

Empower systems with robust power
and control cables
ÖLFLEX® – Versatile Connecting & Control Cables

Our power and control cables fall under the ÖLFLEX® product brand and have always stood for oil resistance and flexibility. Power cables provide the optimum power supply; while control cables, on the other hand, transmit signals for controlling devices and machines. In this product segment, JJ-LAPP offers you a variety of cables that can be used to cover all applications. Browse through the product range: from simple, universally usable single core cables to multi-core cables for specific purposes such as robot or cable chain applications, or even solar and wind power.

What Are Power & Control Cables?

A power cable

  • Supplies devices, machines and plants with energy,
  • Serves to connect the power supply in buildings,
  • Distributes energy, e.g. in power stations and converter stations.

After all, without power, nothing works!

A power cable has at least 1 core and a maximum of 5 cores. A variant with more than 2 cores usually consists of a neutral conductor, a protective conductor and one to three current-carrying outer conductors (phases, L1-L3), depending on the single-phase or three-phase alternating current. 

The conductor cross-section is generally ≥ 0.5 mm², the individual cores are colour-coded according to VDE 0293-308/HD 308 (core identification code for colour-coded low-voltage cables and wires). JJ-LAPP offers power cables for the low-voltage range up to 1 kV and for the medium-voltage range up to 30 kV.

  • Most of our control and power cables are subject to the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU of the European Parliament and Council for electrical equipment with a nominal voltage between 50 and 1000 volts (AC voltage) and between 75 and 1500 volts (DC voltage).
  • Power and control cables are often used in the same applications, but have different functions. While in the figure below, the power cable provides the power supply to the machine control cabinet, the control cables pass on commands to the machine
What Does Our ÖLFLEX Product Brand Stand For?

The history of LAPP begins with an ÖLFLEX® cable. In 1957, Oskar LAPP invented the first industrially produced cable – a flexible control cable with colour-coded cores. Up to this point in time, there were no cables that could also be described as a sheathed bundling of several insulated conductors. Cores were previously pulled individually into protective conduits with a great deal of effort.

A major industrial change took place with the oil-resistant and flexible ÖLFLEX® cables from LAPP. Since then, the ÖLFLEX® brand has been synonymous with power and control cables.

Today, the ÖLFLEX® cables still satisfy the highest demands and can withstand even the very toughest conditions. ÖLFLEX® has brought together various product families in the meantime.

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