Connecting the dots: Solving your Intralogistical Nightmares with ÖLFLEX® CONNECT

The rise of intralogistical complexity in modern businesses has triggered a growing demand for sophisticated cable and connection solutions. LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range stands out as an all-in-one answer to your most pressing connectivity dilemmas. From pre-assembled single-core cables in stationary systems to advanced servo assemblies for rapid motion applications, top-of-the-range innovation aligns your operations with the best technology available.

Uniting products and services into systems

Conventional product procurement and service provisioning are understandably distinct. LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® CONNECT philosophy embodies this objective, offering not just a product but a complete connection system to enhance the potential of your enterprise.


ÖLFLEX® CONNECT continues to revolutionize the way modern logistic puzzles are solved, with a comprehensive suite of products and services geared towards boosting efficiency. Focusing on the varying needs of the intralogistics domain, the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range is not a “one-size-fits-all” offer, but an adaptive array that blends quality and customization into a reliable solution:

  • ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLES: Every system, from the humblest to the most complex, demands specific cable attributes – a truth ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLES meticulously caters to.
  • ÖLFLEX® CONNECT SERVO: For agile systems such as those operated by variable frequency motors, precision and performance alignment are fundamental. JJ-LAPP’s servo assemblies guarantee unfailing quality while also meeting the strictest industry standards.
  • ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLE CHAINS: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in your material-handling systems, no link is redundant. Our cable chains offer a robust, fully assembled solution, carefully tailored to your requirements.

The Service-Led Advantage

Beyond the tangible quality of our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT product range, JJ-LAPP offers a service-led approach that starts with understanding your unique circumstances and comes to fruition in thriving partnerships. The JJ-LAPP expertise becomes an extension of your own business, offering consultation, requirement analysis, planning and design, process optimization, quality assurance, testing and delivery. We will assist you to ensure an unbroken link between your current operations and your future aspirations.

Why ÖLFLEX® CONNECT is the Worry-Free Choice

  • Freedom from capital spending: Instead of allocating hefty portions of budget and space to in-house production facilities, you can take advantage of the best-in-class devices and tools from JJ-LAPP without the added real-estate and resource investment.
  • Streamlined supplier relations: By consolidating your cable and connection solutions, you dramatically reduce the complexity of managing multiple suppliers without any compromise in variety or quality.
  • Reduction in operating costs: The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range has been designed to help lower your operating expenses by offering a plug and play solution.
  • Minimal inventories, maximum readiness: ÖLFLEX® CONNECT efficiency means you can maintain leaner inventories without gambling on availability. Order and readiness synchronization are seamless, allowing you to respond to real-time changes.
  • Leverage technical prowess: JJ-LAPP’s engineers are not just at your disposal, they become your think tank. With technical expertise and consultation woven into the service, you become a collaborator in crafting future-ready solutions for your logistics ecosystems.
  • Scalability as a standard feature: Intralogistics environments are fluid and dynamic – the ability to scale up should be a given. With ÖLFLEX® CONNECT, scalability is not an add-on but an inherent feature, allowing your systems to grow in step with your ambitions.


In today’s connected and fast-paced world, intralogistics systems are the hidden cogs that keep business gears turning with precision. JJ-LAPP does more than supply cables and connectors: we bridge gaps, weave together intricate solutions, and deliver efficiency while eliminating errors.

We uphold the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT promise to be more than the sum of its parts, offering a pragmatic solution for businesses striving to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance performance without the burden of substantial capital investment or inventory management challenges.