JJ-Lapp Cable
Products / By Industry
01. Manufacturing

We supply cables across the sector from F&B to paper and pulp manufacturing. We understand that reliability is the key factor in factory automation. The world's top manufacturers rely on our cables to ensure the smooth running of their operation.

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02. Construction

Our cables are used across a wide range of building management system applications for a variety of enterprises, ranging from hospitality to education. We work with the region's leading contractors to ensure they deliver quality to their customers.

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03. Utilities

Our cables are specially designed to effectively transfer power, with maximum efficiency.

We serve power and water treatment plants including those using renewable energy sources.

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04. Transportation

Our cables are used in next generation transport infrastructure and vehicles, for example intelligent traffic systems and electric vehicles.

Transport innovation, is enabling commuters to be better informed and make safer and smarter use of transport networks.

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